Employee of the Month – November 2017

08 Nov 2017

Frank is employed as a Gardener/Handyman at the Carseview Centre, Dundee. The role is physically demanding and the various skills required in his remit include, painting, window cleaning, water hygiene tests and a number of other tasks which are too many to list. The garden areas are extensive and during the year the job entails prolonged periods of cutting and strimming grass and woodland areas using heavy machinery.

The grounds maintenance which Frank is mainly responsible for has seen the patients gardens transformed under his leadership from dull uninspiring areas to places where recovery from mental health issues are aided by the hard and soft landscaping, this has included the introduction of paths and patio area’s along with the construction of pergolas and raised flower beds for wheelchair users, materials for which the NHS supplied from Endowment funds, and which Frank has installed. The work has been acknowledged on several occasions by the NHS in KPI reports.

With Winter now in full swing the car park and pathways at Carseview require to be gritted when the temperature falls below 2 degrees Celsius. Part of Franks duties include an early start at 6am and gritting these areas by hand. This work is again is physically demanding and ensures the safety of all groups attending the Hospital.

In short Frank has been instrumental in changing the gardens into somewhere patients can feel relaxed and able to enjoy the outside air in all weather. He carries out his work with the minimum of fuss or guidance and is always eager to help. He is extremely interactive with patients in often very demanding circumstances and he has an excellent work ethic and is a credit to Bellrock.

The above outlines what Frank’s day to day job entails and to most able bodied persons this would require a commitment and a level of extreme endurance, seldom found, however when you are aware that Frank carries out his role with the aid of a prosthetic leg which he has since childhood it really does make you feel humble.

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