Employee of the Month – May

02 May 2018

Helen has been with Bellrock (Previously SGP) for 19 years and this award is not only for her long service but also for being resilient to the change around her and having delivered nothing short of a 1st class service to her team and wider business and also our Clients.

She is always a reliable and trustworthy character who is consistent in her approach and should be recognised as such. Her management of all the back-office affairs of some of our biggest clients in the project workspace (TGA and Learning in Harmony) has allowed us to deliver on these projects; alongside this, Helen delivers her own revenue through work she does for Innserve (Part of Heineken) and has done so for over 4 years.

Innserve’s National Customer Relations Manager Bill Tripp had this to say about Helen:

“On behalf of Innserve I would like to recognise Helen Cusano’s contribution to the extended Heineken Team. Over the past few years Helen’s methodical handling of the building administration has proved both highly effective and professional. Building provisions via beer dispense suppliers broke new ground in our industry and there were many who said it would be too complicated to align. Helen makes it look easy, which we all know it certainly isn’t. It can be a high pressure and stressful environment which pulls in many directions at the same time – Helen is not phased by this and calmly & effectively organises multiple contractors to complete works nationwide often to very tight timelines.

We recognise and appreciate the support we get from Bellrock and would like to thank Helen for her outstanding work.”

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