Kilwinning College in Ayrshire

07 Sep 2017

For Bellrock staff that work on projects within Education establishments, the summer holidays isn’t a time for taking it easy. It is in actual fact the busiest time of the year. With all the students and teaching staff being away on their holidays, it leaves the buildings empty allowing all the necessary maintenance and lifecycle works to take place. Proper planning is crucial as all the works need to be completed before they all come back for the new term!

Kilwinning College in Ayrshire is no different to this. Their challenge this year however was not only to carry out an already extensive and fully booked schedule of maintenance and lifecycle works but also to deliver a significant number of additional project works requested at short notice by the college. Again, to be completed prior to the students returning from holiday.

These additional works, in conjunction with other redevelopment works within the site, are intended to improve the overall student experience within the building and its general ability to deliver an excellent learning environment. Our teams engagement in these were crucial in ensuring the wider projects were delivered successfully and in time. 

As all their time was already planned for the lifecycle works, the new projects added considerable workload to the limited team.  Further to the required re-planning, it was evident that there quite simply weren’t enough hours in the day! As a result early shifts, late shifts, and weekend work were all initiated to ensure the client wasn’t let down by Bellrock or our contractors. Anything that needed to be done by the team to ensure the client wasn’t let down was carried out without question.

All of this excellent work and additional assistance in ensuring all the projects were completed on time has been fully acknowledged by both the SPV and the client themselves.

The team is made up of the following members and each one deserves to be called out as they worked as an absolute team throughout the summer and delivered an exceptional service to our client without letting any of the BAU tasks be impacted. The team embodied the Bellrock principals.

• Harvie McCulley
• Robert Brown
• John Paterson
• Jim Wales

An outstanding performance by each man, delivering an exceptional level of service.

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