Planned Maintenance and Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM)

Typically these works fall into two categories. Some PPM works have to be carried out to comply with legislation, and other works can be carried out as part of an overall maintenance regime.

Legislative Compliance

We will work with you to draw up an annual planned maintenance schedule to keep you compliant with current legislation. This will be based on the assets you have within your building or across your portfolio.

The resulting maintenance plan ensures that works are carried out when required, test certificates are kept up to date and additional remedial work is undertaken if required.

Maintenance Regimes

Planned maintenance should form part of your overall maintenance strategy, balancing maintenance spend between planned & reactive works. We work with you to optimise the operation of your building plant & assets, reviewing any existing planned schedules or drawing up new ones. Web-based, real-time reporting allows you to see exactly what has been, or is due to be done, at any moment in time.

Reactive Maintenance

Find out more about our reactive maintenance services. Whether you have just one site or a nationwide property portfolio of thousands we can coordinate and manage all your reactive maintenance services.

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Save money and streamline your compliance

Combining the management of planned and reactive works can deliver efficiencies, allowing planned works to either be carried out at the same time as a reactive call, or allowing a reactive call to be postponed until the cheaper planned visit takes place. Our management approach focuses on reducing the amount of maintenance visits required, not on keeping engineers employed.

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