Unlocking hidden value from surplus and redundant assets

We identify the development opportunities and work collaboratively with owners and adjoining landowners to de-risk schemes. Our team provides a comprehensive range of advice on development appraisals, feasibility studies, planning, and change of use, land swaps and the negotiation of complex overage agreements.

Professional expertise which will deliver the re-provision of assets for community benefit

We are specialists at unlocking value from land jointly with developers to enable the re-provision of new schools, buildings, sports facilities, church halls, scout huts and financial capital receipts. Our team works with stakeholders and pulls together the necessary skills and expertise to deliver the result.

Strategic planning which de-risks your position

Our strategic approach de-risks the upfront costs and deliver ability of complex development schemes. We ensure the benefits of a scheme are first delivered to our clients while the developer takes on the financial and development risk of the scheme.

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