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Building Engineering Services

Building Services is the term used to describe all of the 'stuff' that makes an empty building shell into a pleasant, safe and comfortable environment.

Bellrock's Building Services engineers design and install for you the whole range of systems and services required to make a building work efficiently.

These include:

  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)
  • Water services, drainage and plumbing
  • Lighting (daylight and artificial)
  • Energy supply
  • Communication networks
  • Security and fire alarms and suppression systems

The needs of every building and occupant are different and the design of building services must take into account the building type, age and planned usage. Our engineers are experienced across multiple sectors and provide solutions based on our customers drivers.

Sustainability and lowering carbon footprint are both high on the building services engineers' agenda. They are the people bringing the latest thinking and innovative products into our buildings as new stock is built and old stock is refurbished or retro-fitted.

What our clients say

Every customer is important to us. Each one challenges us to keep innovating and improving the services we provide.

"Since Bellrock have taken the help desk on, jobs are being done a lot quicker, work is being done more efficiently and jobs seem to be a lot cheaper. Whatever you're doing, keep doing it as it works very well. "
Robbie Roots, Costa Coffee Plymouth
Costa Coffee

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