Soft services that support your environment

Workplace soft services can be highly emotive. Bellrock recognise this and provide a full range of flexible soft FM services through our on-site, mobile, and service partner teams on a local, regional, and national basis.

Catering and Hospitality

Catering and hospitality services are important. Getting the right balance of service offering, range of products, opening hours and price is a delicate task. We work with you to develop a catering service that delivers. From a nil-subsidy solution to fine dining hospitality, we have experience of delivering to employees and the public across a range of sectors throughout the UK.

Cleaning and Waste

Cleaning and waste management are highly visible facilities services. You need a cleaning service that provides the right level of service at the right price for your organisation. We examine existing service provision, specify appropriate service levels and implement the most effective solutions for you. Similarly our team can design the appropriate waste management solution to meet your environmental requirements.

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Complimenting our soft services are our range of hard services. We deliver a balanced planned & reactive maintenance regime through our team of highly trained technicians, engineers and approved suppliers.

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